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My name is Evan(gelos) Kapantais and I am a sound-designer-slash-aspiring-web-developer from Athens, Greece.

The things I enjoy doing the most are sound design, web development and writing. If you'd asked me ten years ago what I would like to do for a living I would have gladly picked any of the three.

I spend most of my free time making websites and apps, while reading, writing, skateboarding and going on weekend trips are things that I always try to include in my routine.


I was born and bred in Athens. After graduating high school, I spent three years studying for my Bachelor's degree in Music Production & Engineering, while the following year I spent abroad in Leeds, UK pursuing my Master's degree in Music Technology & Computer Music.


I have been working in the audio industry for a good seven years now. The first three I spent in Athens working with clients on video games, films and commercials. In 2017 I emigrated to beautiful Barcelona after being hired by a mobile game company. I have been living there since, working as part of the company's audio team.

Aside from sound design, I am also immensely interested in all things web development. I spend most of my free time working on frontend projects and brushing up on my coding skills.

When the pandemic hit in March, 2020 I moved back to Athens in order to spend this time back home.

The Blog

I don't really have the clearest of idea on how this works, but ever since I picked up writing I felt I needed my personal space on the web to post my thoughts about the subjects I am interested in. This page was primarily intended for subject that do not revolve around tech, but a merger of the two would be likely. The subjects I am interested in include geopolitics, religion and public affairs, to name just a few.

My favourite authors include Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, George Orwell, Franz Kafka and Aldous Huxley.